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Dragon Ball Z is no-doubt one of the most popular anime shows on the planet.

With hundreds of episodes, tons of games and loads of DBZ merchandise spreading across the globe every single day; it is no coincidence that Dragon Ball Z has become a worldwide phenomenon.

When it comes to finding the right Dragon Ball Z gift for your friend or partner, you’re going to want to find something that absolutely blows them away or makes their heart sing with joy.

That is why we wrote a list of not just 10, but 42 Dragon Ball Z gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone! Oh, and these all make great Christmas gifts too.

So without further ado, here is what we found:

42 Cool Dragon Ball Z Gifts List

1. Vegeta Saiyan Armor Tank Top



Introducing the perfect gift for your gym buddy. You can literally look like a Super Saiyan in the gym while you work out!

2. Super Saiyan Eye Mask

Dragon Ball Z Eye Mask Amazon

Combine this with the Saiyan armor tank top and you’ll look like a hardcore Z warrior in the gym!

3. Dragon Ball Grinder

Dragon Ball Z Herb Weed Grinder DBZ

If your friend loves to smoke ganja and watch episodes of Dragon Ball Z, you sir, have found the perfect gift.

4. Goku Spirit Bomb Lamp


Having Goku by your side every night is priceless. This gift would be perfect for a child who loves DBZ.

5. Kame Symbol Snapback


The Kame symbol has become iconic ever since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Now having it on a snapback is just pure freshness!

6. Pink Kame Symbol Snapback


(Just in case your friend is a girl instead.)

7. Kame Symbol Baseball Hat


This one is a nice enhancement for all you baseball and DBZ heads out there.

8. Dragon Ball Z Hooded Jacket


If you are going for a slightly higher priced DBZ gift, I highly recommend this hooded jacket. It is of extremely high quality and has great reviews.

9. Little Goku Halloween Costume

little goku halloween costume outfit dbz

If Halloween is coming around, dress your little one up in this young Goku Cosplay outfit! If it isn’t halloween, I’m sure he would love to dress up anyway!

10. Master Roshi PS4 Skin


Have your friend pimp out his PS4!

Notice: There are also tons of other PS4 skins available; this is not the only color. Click here to check out more skins.

11. Custom Dragon Ball Z Legos


This is definitely another great one for the kids. I absolutely loved Legos and Dragon Ball Z growing up and would have dreamed having these as a kid.

12. Certified Super Saiyan License Plate

Certified Super Saiyan License Plate

There is no better way to let everyone know that you’re an official Super Saiyan!

13. Kame Symbol Backpack


This backpack just has that old school Dragon Ball feel to it; another great one for the kids for school!

14. DBZ Scouter

DBZ Scouter green lens

For that real nerdy DBZ fanatic, hand em’ one of these.

15. Goku Dabbing iPhone Case

goku dab iphone case

This gift is definitely on the humorous side and the definition of swag. That’s all I can say.

16. Goku’s Gym Tank Top

gokus gym tank top mens stringer

Being a spinoff of the popular Gold’s Gym, this is one of my all-time favorite gifts.

17. Train Insaiyan T-Shirt

train insaiyan shirt

Another motivational gym shirt.

18. Spirit Nug T-Shirt


19. Boondocks Dragon Ball Baseball Jersey


20. Skin Gear Saiyan Hoodie


21. Bardock Saiyan Armor Gym Leggings


22. Women’s Dragon Ball Z Leggings


23. Majin Vegeta Summer Shorts


24. Realistic Namek Piccolo T-Shirt


25. Goku Skin Gear T-Shirt


26. Bardock Saiyan Armor Tank Top


27. A Classic DBZ Action Figure


Click here for more of the same collection.

28. 8GB Mini Goku Flash Drive


29. 7-Piece Acrylic Dragon Ball Crystal Ball Set

7-Piece Acrylic Dragon Ball Crystal Ball Set

30. Training To Beat Goku (Or At Least Krillin) Gym T-Shirt

training goku krillin shirt tank top

31. Color Changing Dragon Ball Z Mug

vegeta mug dbz dragon ball z light up

32. Goku & Vegeta Giant Art Poster

33. Super Saiyan Goku Wall Scroll

34. Official CGC DBZ Poster

dbz dragon ball z mega poster

35. Super Saiyan Goku Touch Switch LED Night Light

36. Super Saiyan Starbucks Coffee Mug

starbucks super saiyan goku god mug

37. Goku Spirit Bomb Smartphone Sticker

goku spirit bomb mac apple iphone sticker decal vinyl

38. Funko POP! Final Form Frieza Action Figure

Funko POP! Final Form Frieza Action Figure


39. Dragon Ball Z Car Decals

Dragon Ball Z Car Decals

40. Dragon Ball Z Macbook Stickers

Dragon Ball Z Macbook Stickers


41. Dragon Ball Z Complete Car Window Decal Sticker

Dragon Ball Z Complete Car Window Decal Sticker

42. A Goku Cosplay Wig

Miccostumes Men's Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Wig

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