How To Play Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1& 2 On Your PC For Free

Dragon Ball Z
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To get Budokai on your mac or windows computer is actually really easy. We will walk you through some simple steps and explain everything as clear as possible incase you have no experience with downloading emulators and ROMs before. If you don’t know what emulators and ROMs are, allow me to explain.

A video game emulator is a program or app on your computer that acts like a video game console (such as Gamecube, Xbox or Playstation) while ROMs are pretty much the actual games for these systems.

Are emulators and ROMs legal?

According to Google… kinda.

“Emulators aren’t because they don’t violate any law, ROMs violate copyright laws. So while it doesn’t make sense to use emulators without ROMs, it is legal. Just like it is legal to have an empty beer bottle if you’re under 16 but not have alcohol. There is no 24/48 hour exemption.”

So basically, while the ROMs can be considered illegal, the emulators are not. Another thing to keep in mind is that the early Gamecube Budokai games are not even for sale anymore and are pretty much outdated to an extent. So playing these games present day could actually promote the spread and love of Dragon Ball Z (in other words, feel free to play Budokai on your computer!!).

Now let’s get to the tutorial!

Downloading the Emulator

First you are going to have to download a Gamecube emulator named Dolphin. Don’t worry, it works for both Mac OS X and Windows computers.

Head over to and click on Download Dolphin 5.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you end up running into problems with Dolphin 5.0, try using an earlier version such as 4.0.

Once you’ve downloaded Dolphin, drag it to your Applications folder and now you have an emulator to play any gamecube game you want!

Downloading the ROMs

Next we are going to need to download the Dragon Ball Z Budokai ROMs. I prefer to get my ROMs from emuparadise. Head over to or just type the following into Google: emuparadise gamecube budokai rom. It should be the first thing that comes up.

Once you’ve downloaded a ROM, open up the Dolphin emulator we downloaded earlier. Choose open icon and then in the browser just find the ROM you download and it should start playing.

It kind of sucks playing Gamecube with your computer keyboard so if you have an Xbox, Gamecube, or N64 controller you can actually use any of those to play. However, you will have to download the required drivers, if necessary, for the controller (or adapter).

If you are using mac you can download this xbox one/xbox 360 controller driver here:

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